About Us

Global Forum For Development-GLOFORD Uganda is an indigenous national youth not for profit Christian advocacy, development and research organization which was founded in 2009 and first registered as Community Based Organization (CBO) with Lira district Local government on 7th April 2010. In 2015, GLOFORD was registered as a national NGO with Registration number S.5914/10939 and now permitted to operate nationally for the next five years, ending 2021.

Currently, GLOFORD is making development work for the youth and the most vulnerable populations and groups across Lira and Dokolo districts.

GLOFORD’s core work is based on empowering communities to shape the destiny of their society by investing in young talents latent in the young people by ensuing that the existing community structures and systems are strengthened, operational and performing their functions effectively. We work alongside our target participants while ensuring that all key actors play their respective roles.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading global organizations empowering and transforming humanity to build for generations

Our Mission

Mentoring youth and leaders, empowering communities, collaborating for global change and leading sustainable development.

Our Mandate

GLOFORD is a youth led and focused NGO registered with Government of Uganda and mandated to raise the next generation of leaders with global perspective, empowering youth and communities to fight poverty, ignorance and disease sustainable, carrying out advocacy using non-confrontational means, while building durable peace, promoting human rights, democracy, good governance , rule of law activities and programs

Our Core Values

  • We lead by example
  • We are Stewards
  • We strive for excellence in our empowerment work
  • We are accountable
  • We are innovative and creative
  • We are mentors

Our Objectives

  • Raise, mentor and build youths and children into leaders with global perspective
  • Be a policy research and development think tank organization working with different partners and stakeholders to shape local, Regional and global actions for change.
  • To support communities to identify problems in their communities, formulate and implement activities to solve those problems and better manage their development results in a sustainable manner.
  • To enable communities to mobilize and develop human resources and financial capital from local and external sources to support local development initiatives.
  • To raise awareness about existing social challenges affecting women, youth, children, persons with disability and other vulnerable groups.
  • To enhance the capacity of a wide range of organizations and groups at the community and district levels for promotion of sustainable community development programs.
  • To support communities to fight for poverty reduction and improve the quality of living at Household level in a sustainable manner by implementing integrated environmental conservation and community development programs.